Delivering Business Value - Web Portal Development

Theme-based portals that feature interactive tools, such as image and video gallery, discussion forums, message board, real time chat, blog community, and voting poll and surveys, are becoming increasingly popular with businesses looking for ways to expand their reach and achieve their goals. At Biogensys, we have years of experience as web portal developers, helping companies of different sizes develop efficient, interactive, and customized portals as more intuitive platforms for customer interaction. As an enterprise looking to grow your audience base, it is important to have a web portal as a source of integrated information for prospects and customers.

Custom Portal Application Development

From being mere content management systems, web portals have undergone a revolutionary change to become a core component of software architecture. Portals are today strategic touch-points that are seen as scalable information silos for driving customer engagement and boost revenue growth. We pride ourselves on creating a single point integrated information access for our clients while paying attention to your concerns regarding compatibility, security, and availability. Our leading-edge Cloud based or standalone portal strategy focuses on bringing a scalable, secure, and compatible enterprise-wide portal or framework that integrates information, processes, and people across entrepreneurial boundaries through a unified access point.

As pioneers of the domain, our portal developers incorporate the most interactive options for developing, hosting business portals, including B2C, B2B, to attract business for clients and enhance their performance and profitability. We have an edge over the competition in the domain of complex portal services, building intuitive and scalable enterprise portals that seamlessly blend collaboration, workflow management, content distribution, and information access.

We work closely with clients to understand exact business requirements, design a custom strategy, and share the same for your approval. Upon your approval of our proposed solution, we start developing a detailed methodology for the implementation of our portal development strategy, combining our expertise, cutting-edge tools, and industry best practices.

Whether you require business to business portals, ecommerce portals, Life Sciences Potals, our expert portal developers will create innovative, interactive, and efficient portals for you.

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