In this world with intense economic pressures, businesses seek scalability and agility to overcome the challenges posed by the volatile economic landscape. At Biogensys, we can leverage the power of cloud solutions to

  • Enhance flexibility
  • Boost productivity
  • Drive innovation
  • Regulate IT costs

Businesses seek the efficiency, agility, and seamless scalability offered by cloud computing to accelerate the speed of innovation, meet their requirement for simplification and standardization of IT footprint, and produce quantifiable ROI. Biogensys can help take your business forward in this fast changing marketplace by guiding you how to take advantage of the scalability, flexibility, and performance in the cloud. Our full suite of cloud services are aimed at helping you build your cloud on the best foundation.

Cloud Flexibility

With our deep experience in the industry, we will help you build and manage your IT infrastructure. We engage with clients to examine your business needs and tailor our cloud services accordingly to deliver the benefits of agility and scalability in a robust yet secure environment.

Infrastructure as a service

With us, you not only get the rack space and raw computing power, but also 24/7 backup, monitoring, and support services. Besides, you get access to critical applications regardless of location. As a cloud service provider of choice, we can fulfill your need for infrastructure as a service cloud solution, providing you access to fully configured virtual machines that are controllable by the user and help reduce capital and operational costs. This will relieve you from the burden of investing in new hardware to replace the existing units, thus reducing your hardware footprint and eliminating capital costs while improve operational efficiency.

Software as a service

Biogensys provides secure and reliable SaaS solutions via email and our ISV partners that trust our cloud platform for delivering their SaaS applications, thus helping boost your responsiveness.

Cloud Strategy

In today's era of technological development, your cloud strategy is your business strategy. With in-depth analysis of your business goals, our cloud consulting experts can help you create a customized strategy to smartly use cloud in order to drive revenue, savings, and growth.

Cloud consulting services

We can design a custom action plan based on your workload and ROI analysis and thus help in your cloud transformation through our unique strategy and design services for cloud infrastructure and cloud application management services.

Cloud security services

We have the knowledge, experience, and cutting-edge tools to identify cloud security and privacy risks for an array of services, solutions, and applications and build a cloud security road map.

Cloud migration services

With access to top-notch technology, we can accurately identify your workloads that will benefit from cloud and thus accelerate your seamless transition to cloud with our proven, streamlined migration process.

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